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When installing a shower in your bathroom you will have a number of shower valves to choose from. In many instances you may choose a mixer unit because you’re worried that the only other option is two unsightly taps planted on your shower wall, but this isn’t the case at all.

In fact you have three options available when looking at shower valves and it’s finding not only the best one that works for you, but the one that blends in best with your overall bathroom design.


Exposed Thermostat Shower Valves

The exposed thermostat shower valves are a rounded bar with controls on either side. The one control is for the water flow and the other for temperature and all you have to do is give the control a simple twist.

These shower valves are finished in chrome which works beautifully with any bathroom design. They are also available in a square design that works beautifully for bathrooms with square taps and products.

Thermostatic Shower Valve

Another option when it comes to shower valves is the concealed units. These are very stylish and the perfect choice for the modern bathroom. All you see is two chrome dials. A simple twist will control your temperature or water flow.

There are also three dial options available with two dials managing water flow from two different outlets and the third controls the water temperature. Ideal when you have a shower with two shower heads or a shower head and shower jets.

Dual Exposed Thermostatic Shower Valves

The dual exposed thermostatic shower valves are the more traditional design, but with their chrome finish are still perfect for both modern and traditional bathrooms. These have two levers with an easy turn function, one for water flow and the other for temperature.

For a unique design there is the cross head option, the cross head is used like a tap to manage your water flow while the lever below manages your temperature.

Your Choice

With so many shower valves to choose from you may be struggling with what is right for you. What I always suggest is take careful note of the taps you already have in your bathroom, if they are square choose a square shower valve, if they are rounded do the same.

Next you need to note who will be using the shower, all the shower valves are easy to use but when children are using the shower, take note on which one you think they will find easier to manage.