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With so many homes these days being built on a smaller scale, remodelling or designing a bathroom requires a shower design rather than a bath. One of the things you should always try to achieve when designing any bathroom layout is maximising your floor space, so often a bath isn’t practical and with a good selection of shower tray designs you are able to fit your new shower into your layout with ease.

Where Are You Placing Your Shower?

The first question you should ask yourself once you have measured the bathroom area is where you want to place your shower. For many of the smaller bathrooms the corner is the best place which leaves you plenty of floor space for your other bathroom products.


Some of the larger bathrooms benefit with the shower against a wall, standing on it’s own, on display, maybe a walk in shower design.

Types of Trays

The first design which is always appealing is the quadrant shower trays, these are rectangular or square in shape with a curved edge. They are a decent size and fit beautifully in the corner of the bathroom maximising your floor space. The advantage with these quadrant shower trays is the enclosures that fit them are often sliding door designs, which means you don’t have to worry about a swinging door, this means you don’t have to worry about obstacles getting in the way.

There are the square shower tray designs and the rectangular designs, which have straight edges and while they can fit into a corner area with ease, they don’t have the luxurious curve you find with the quadrant shower trays. With these trays you can choose between bi-fold doors and pivot doors depending on your preference.

The bow trays are stylish in design, a square shape with a curved front, ideal when you want to place your shower along a wall. These work beautifully with sliding doors, reducing the risk of your door getting stuck on other bathroom products.

Why Quadrant Shower Trays

Quadrant shower trays are the most popular of all the shower trays on offer and that is due to their comfortable size and ability to fit into a corner with ease. Remember when working with a compact bathroom you are very limited on space, which is why you have chosen a shower over a bath.

You need to make the most of the space you have available and being able to fit a quadrant shower tray in one corner leaves you more than enough room for your toilet, basin and possibly even a vanity unit.